gamblor_standingOn, you will find everything you need for gambling online. No matter what you are looking for or what attracts you. Today’s opportunities are just phenomenal and you should really make use of them. What better way than just gambling at the world’s best slot machines on your smartphone and quickly win a jackpot? Or comfortably sitting on your couch with your tablet and making a return of 90 % in 60 seconds with binary options? If somebody had told me that all of this would be possible at some time, I would have freaked out completely 😀
But fortunately, things went well, hehe… And now, I just enjoy the opportunities we have.

Wait a second, I am new here!

If this is your first time on Gamblors and you are not yet familiar with gambling online, then, of course, you need special help. All of this can be very confusing and how the hell should you know how it works?
First of all, the best is if you decide what you really want. You cannot gamble with real money with the first game that comes along. If you are looking for high returns, you probably won’t sign up with any old browser game. There, you can maybe buy a new tractor for 5.99 euros, but the money is really ranging in a one way here. We can do without that!


Then, there is the question if you prefer casino games or simple investments. With regard to casinos, there is not much to say actually and even if you have never entered a casino in your entire life, you might know games like Blackjack, Roulette or Poker. If not, you must have lived under a rock most of the time. You should also have a basic idea of what all of this is about. It actually is the case that all of these games are kind of similar. Some are card games, with other games you have to bet money and the result is determined by a wheel and a ball. Or you are sitting in front of a slot machine, which signalizes your winnings with flashing symbols.

The best is if you decide based on your preferences. Indeed, your gut instinct rarely lies to you. But you have to be aware of the fact that with Blackjack, for example, you can only make rather small returns with a single hand, with Roulette medium returns (up to 35 times your initial bet) and with slot machines quite a lot (sometimes up to a few million euros…)

Or rather finances?

Finances are a broad term. This includes insurances, the complete opposite of what a gambler is looking for. Sure, everybody needs an insurance in some way or another but we are actually searching the risk and insurances are a hedging instrument against risks. But there is still so much more to discover and especially products which suit us personally, too; CFDs and binary options.

Both of them are leveraged products, that means that even with only small fluctuations on the market, you can really bet a lot of money. Accordingly, you can make high returns. Leveraged trade means that you can get a return of 100 % instead of 0.1% without leveraged trade. That means if a share increases by only 1 % you can make a return of 1000 %. Of course, this is risky, because if the share moves into the wrong direction, your bet is gone pretty fast, too.

With binary options, everything is standardized. For example, you bet money on the fact that the share will have increased or decreased in 15 minutes compared to now. With a single click, the bet is placed and then, it is only up to the market. Here, too, the slightest movement on the market in the right direction is enough to make a return of 85 % or even up to 400 % – depending on which option you choose. But 85 % is not too bad either, especially since this return is possible within merely 60 seconds.