There is no doubt about it, if you really need a lot of money in a short time, then, you have to fully bet money on online slot machines. But only very few of you will have the pleasure to hit a big jackpot. Sure, there are lots of people having won millions of euros, but as you can imagine, there are millions of people who gamble, too. So, I personally would not expect too much but smaller, no less beautiful winnings. Sure, 50,000 euros will not change your life as 3.5 million euros would, but to be honest, this is also a winning you can be really happy about, isn’t it?

If you are looking for a bit of encouragement, you should have a look at some winners’ videos, for example GambleJoe’s one.

However, you should not make the mistake to look for more videos on Youtube. Sure, there are a few helpful ones, but you will probably find a lot of trash videos you should simply ignore. The best example would be dumb systems or tricks which supposedly are able to manipulate real money slot machines, such as this one:

Well, there used to be one scam Youtube video after another but Youtube is getting better with getting rid of scams like that so I’m tired of replacing videos all the time. Just imagine someone is telling you a secret system how to manipulate online slots…

As a precaution, comments are of course disabled. And it is no secret what these people are up to. Either they want to sell you some kind of software or they do the following: they want to make their systems tempting for you so that you directly sign up via their links and quickly lose a few euros. By doing so, they make money, too. This is a true win-lose situation: You can only lose and they can only win. No good deal, eh?