To be honest, I started playing Roulette back in the days, because I somehow thought there must be kind of a system which you can make a lot of money with. There could have been ten mathematicians or statisticians telling me that it was impossible but I still would not have believed them. Today, I am a bit more clever, of course, but as you know, hindsight is easier than foresight.

Today, I can at least make use of my experiences and try to convince others that they should stop trying to find such a system. Roulette is a super cool game fascinating millions of people worldwide. Don’t spoil it with any pseudo-mathematic systems or strategies. Yeah, there are strategies that allow you to have optimal winning chances and more fun as a consequence than without them, but you can never make the disadvantage of the number zero disappear. This means that there simply is no system in the long run, no matter what others might tell you.

So, what do you need for a maximum of fun?

Fun is always relative. Some people have fun rubbing their feet or jogging 100 km. With casino games, it is similar. For me personally, Roulette is the most fun, trying one or more strategies despite knowing that you do not stand a chance against the casino in the long run. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you could actually really win and then falling flat on your face over and over again. It is like talking yourself into believing you could make it to become Federal Chancellor and then, the only thing you get is four votes from your own family every few years. There is nothing worse, is there?

That is why first, you should be aware of how Roulette really works. So, you have to consider that the ball has no brain. The ball does not give a single fuck what it has just done, it just stops where it wants to. You simply cannot influence it. And even with very complicated mathematic models, you are not able to predict where it might probably stop. The probabilities are always the same. Even if the ball stopped 283 times on red, for the next time, the probability is still about 50 %. You should then rather wonder what is happening with this table, but you still cannot make any predictions about the probability.

You can only have fun playing Roulette if you accept that it is impossible to win in the long run! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you will never always win!

Casino 1×1

Before you start heading out to the Roulette tables of this world, you should first think about where you play best. I could list 100 online casinos now. But what do you think? How many of them would I put my shirt on that there is not anything odd there? Regardless of the fact that the shirt was my grandma’s present, I would rather not put it on too many of them. Speaking of my shirt, I think I would only put it on five. And please do not think that I have any subjective preferences here. When I do not put my shirt on one casino, it is not because I do not like the colour of its logo. Nor do I put my shirt on one where I like the lady on the website.

I have been part of this branch for a long time now so that I know which casinos are reliable and which ones not. This is generally applicable when it comes to real money gambling. The most important thing here is reliability. Can I trust the casino? Is there somebody I can rely on when the going gets rough? Am I convinced that the casino will immediately pay out my winnings of 29,000 euros without creating problems? These are all questions which you should be able to answer with “yes” before starting to gamble with real money.

As far as Roulette is concerned, I have to say that actually only the following casinos come into question:

  • 888 Casino
  • Casino Club
  • William Hill Casino
  • Spin Palace Casino
  • Party Casino

At the moment, I would not recommend more than these ones and as you can see, only five shirts to put on 😀