gamblor_thumbs_upSo, you have decided to pay in real money in a casino in order to go for the big jackpots? A very good decision. Now you only have to decide how you want to deposit your money. Good online casinos give you the opportunity to deposit your money in very many different ways. Because not everybody has a credit card or wants to work with direct banking. Since every gambler prefers different deposit methods and you get confused pretty fast about which one is the best, we have made a list of all of them. Just take your time and have a look at it and afterwards, choose your preferred deposit method. Please keep in mind that different deposit methods allow different bonuses. And you should always take a bonus as long as the situation or the deposit method allows it.

  1. The credit card is probably the most used deposit method in online casinos. Here, you have guaranteed fast payment processing from the comfort of your home and you can immediately start playing your favourite game. For those of you being worried about your personal data, you should read on and inform yourself about other deposit methods.
  2. Paypal also provides you with the opportunity to comfortably deposit money from your home. Everything you need is a Paypal account. You then have the advantage to anonymously gamble at the casino of your choice. There is no transaction history on your bank account which could directly link you with the casino. Apart from that, you can use Paypal for other money issues in the Internet, too.
  3. The Paysafecard is a payment method based on the pre-paid system. That means you buy a card with a certain balance at one of the many shops (gas station, kiosk, post, amongst others). The code you got from one of these shops must then be entered at your casino when choosing your deposit method. A Paysafecard brings two amazing advantages with it. Firstly, nobody can link you with the online casino and secondly, you cannot exceed the available amount. This makes sure that you cannot lose more money than planned.
  4. The transaction is actually self-evident. You transfer the amount of your choice to the casino where you want to gamble. Basically a good thing, but there are two disadvantages. On the one hand, the process takes a bit longer than with the other deposit methods and on the other hand, this transaction appears on your bank statement. Especially if you want to avoid the latter, you should choose another deposit method.

The special bonuses you get for the respective deposit method varies from casino to casino between 10 % and 15 %. Of course, you have to decide which deposit method is the best for you. However, all of them mentioned here are safe ways to get your money on the gambling tables. Not every casino offers every deposit method which is the reason why you should really think about which casino you choose. Based on the choices of deposit methods, you can by the way figure out about the quality of the casino, too. With 888Casino, William Hill and Spin Palace, you will definitely find your preferred deposit method. These three casinos make it very easy for you to deposit money without having to download any software. Just give it a try.