As you can probably imagine, there is no generally applicable answer to this question. Some may want to play with real money only, others may think this is money down the drain. Here, we often have a clash of different point of views, but there is as well a range in between which is not that clear. If you already have a tendency to some of the following aspects, you can skip the rest. If not, you should just read through everything.

Real money – Let’s get down to business!

I personally have immediately started gambling with real money after I had quite understood the rules. I can surely not claim to have already had the best strategy or anything even close to that but I had a lot of fun anyways and I do not regret anything. Of course, you make mistakes, but they are part of the game, right? The less risk you want to take, the longer you should work on your strategy and maybe you should not start gambling with real money after five hands of gambling with play money.

But sooner or later, you have to take a step forward if you want to win, but you should definitely think well about it. Please consider the following:

  • You need a strategy that matches your risk appetite
  • You need a good online casino you can rely on
  • You need to be willing to constantly work on your way of gambling

Your risk appetite

It is no secret that some people are willing to take more risks than others. In my opinion, you should always choose to take the maximum risk in a casino. What else would you look for in a casino? You probably do not gamble in order to avoid any risk, right? I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way and you should also think well about that. There is only maximum risk or a bit less maybe, but no other option. You should adapt your strategy accordingly. Even based on the optimal strategy, there are sketchy decisions you need to take. You will then tend to take more or less risk. The best example would be a split or a double. Here, you will usually see fast who wants the jackpot and who prefers to gamble cautiously.

The good old online casinos

Yes, in this case old is really better. At least, that is my opinion. There are a few big brands having operated in this business for many years now. Some of them have even been existing since the last millennium! Does that mean they are bad? Not at all! Established casinos mostly are the best and most reliable ones at the same time. They do not need to cheat poor gamblers, refuse payouts or that the customer service goes on strike.

No one is born a master and stuff…

It is no secret that you probably won’t gamble perfectly from the start, no matter if you have your nice little probability table in front of you or not. It is just part of the game that there are some problematic situations which you can not solve with such a table. Good gamblers especially rely on their intuition. They have the experience you need in order to be able to properly judge situations.

Warning, pussies at work!

I am sorry but those who seriously want to gamble with play money only and see a sense behind that should actually search another hobby. The reason is quite simple. What are casino games all about? Winning! Sooner or later…
And those who stagnate and only gamble with play money, are robbing themselves an opportunity of winning money. This is why it simply does not make sense. And this is why here, on, you won’t find a lot of information about where you can gamble best with play money.