With your ordinary PC or Laptop, you can enjoy unlimited freedom, without any doubt. Meanwhile, it does not matter anymore if Windows, Mac or Linux. Online casinos have adapted very well. The only thing you should pay attention to is finding a serious and reliable casino. That is the greatest challenge you have to make on your PC.

Hereby, you have to clarify that size – as with life in general matters – 😀
The more famous the casino, the better the track record and the more it has to lose if it is not fair with its gamblers. This means you should really look out for the big fish and only consider a small casino for cause.

Talking about real money casino games, we are entering a subject area which every gambler should feel very comfortable about. There is a reason why casinos have been existing over centuries and why they fascinate millions of people every day. There is simply no similar thing in the matter of thrill, action, strategy and chances of return. In a casino, everybody can literally hit the jackpot from one second to another. You can make a few million euros out of only one euro. Especially online, there have already been countless winners and the biggest jackpots are in the range of 15 million euros. Sure, for most of you this will remain a dream which will never come true, but even with smaller winnings of about 50,000 Euros, most of you would not complain I guess.

Long story short: The big money flows in real money online casinos!

However, there are very very many providers. And all of them kind of look the same. If I want to buy a smartphone today, there are lots of opportunities as well, but they differ extremely. Be it a Huawei for 150 euros or an iPhone 5s for 800 euros. And the difference is not only the price, it is the technology, software, apps, etc. And you can see that immediately. But if you want to figure out the differences when it comes to online casinos, things are getting more and more complicated. Hereby, there are a few aspects which will reveal themselves not now, but later.
For example, the way the customer service is dealing with your problems or if the casino really is reliable and pays your winnings of 10,000 euros.

The matter of reliability

Real money casinos sometimes have a bad reputation, but wrongly!
Often, their character is maligned by other people claiming that they are a rip-off, that they do not pay out winnings, manipulate games etc. But all these rumours come from people who do not know facts or refuse to accept facts. A classic case is this discussion here. In this case, somebody could not be paid out his winnings by a famous and reputable casino, Eurogrand, because the required documents were missing.

The outcry then is usually tremendous and everybody is backing the poor guy who supposedly has been cheated out of his winnings. I am not claiming that there have not been any cases like that. I am just saying that people act completely irrationally when they have the impression that they are fooled out of their money.

If you actually think about it, requiring documents is extremely important. Just imagine you have hit a huge jackpot and a hacker accesses your password. He could then – while you are sleeping – transfer the money to another bank account, send it to other gamblers which might gamble it away or whatever. This is why the casino has to ensure that you really are the person to whom the money is due to. Therefore, they require all kinds of documents such as ID copies or electricity bills. These are all measures taken in order to provide security and not fraud or the like. And that is the case with Eurogrand, too, that the casino has immediately paid after the presentation of the documents. You could actually say “Much ado about nothing”. But it clearly shows once again why the character of real money casinos is maligned over and over again.

Questions upon questions

Nowadays, if you ask quite simple questions via a forum or a questions website, the answers you get there sometimes are terrifying because they do not make any sense at all. If a rather inexperienced casino gambler asks about recommendations other people might have, the result is bullshit. Some people give their own point of view which often does not answer the question at all and others try to make a bit of money by recommending dubious websites which compare casinos. Of course, that is not the solution to the problem. Quite the opposite, you actually have even more questions then and you have not made a single step further.

Nowadays, it actually is very difficult to get good advice about online casinos. In my opinion, at the end, it is up to you and nobody else. Sure, you should not try every single casino, but usually, it is only two or three that come into question. And you should try these two or three. If you want to bet 200 euros, you can split between two casinos and go for the one you like best. But you have to be aware of the following:

Do not rely too much on others’ experiences, have your own experiences!

In this context, there is another dangerous thing: Google. Nowadays, we actually google everything.
We ask for the exchange rate of euro and dollar and get to see the result immediately, we google when we have problems with our computer, our iPhone etc. There is actually no subject area where we do not use Google. The problem here is that meanwhile, we rely too much on Google. Because Google always delivers very good results and sort of always provides solutions to our problems. So why not use Google when it comes to casinos? Theoretically, there are no objections to it, but the problem is that often, we put the search engine results in Google on a level with high quality.
For example, if you google real money casinos, you will find Unibet.com, amongst others. People tend to think that this casino must be one of the best real money casinos since it is one of the first hits on Google. Regardless of the fact if that applies to Casino.com or not, this does not mean anything. It could actually be a horrible casino though it is one of the first hits on Google. Because some online casinos as well know about methods how to “abuse” these search engine results to their advantage. They often conduct search engine optimization on a very large scale and that is a subject area where mostly the one with the most money and the one making the most effort wins. But this does not necessarily mean that the casino indeed is the best real money casino.

By the way, the same applies to domain names, too. There are still some rumours that owners of good domains stand for high quality at the same time. But in fact, everybody can register domains or buy them at a high price. Casino.org is a good example of a good domain + good content.

And now, in order to encourage you a little bit, take a look at this video here 😀