It is not easy for the Windows phone compared to the all-powerful Android and the iPhone. However, the Windows Phone is doing a good job and meanwhile, it even has really cool smartphones on the market. Unfortunately, you cannot enthuse any casino with quickly developing a Windows Phone app. And this also applies to all the other operating systems which do not have the name Android or iOS. There is, for example, Blackberry’s or Samsung’s own operating system. They might all have their specific advantages, but there is one thing you can say for sure: The time that you can just download an app quickly and gamble with it in an online casino, will probably never come. Instead, you have to be content with web apps. But I actually think this is not as bad as it might sound. I personally was always able to enthuse myself with web apps. (In case you do not know what that is: I am actually talking about a normal website which you can open via your browser and which is optimized with regard to the display of your mobile terminal. That means, the server automatically recognizes that you have a Windows Phone with a screen of y x y or an iPad, etc. After this has been recognized, the website adapts accordingly to your smartphone or tablet and displays everything in the correct resolution. It is as simple as that!)

However, consequently, you have the freedom that you do not have to download any app.
You do not have to install anything. It is enough if you just go on the website of the casino and the web app starts automatically. I personally like to use that with my own iPhone, too, because I am too lazy to check the app store and load the app there. My iPhone is anyways littered with any app you could think of. So, I think I do not need any more new apps when I just quickly want to try out a new casino. In this respect, I am always happy when the casino offers a good web app, too.

And the best is that you become completely independent. You really do not have to care about if the casino offers an app or not and if it does, for which operating system. You can gamble with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. if there is a web app -it is as simple as that. Of course, there are a few disadvantages associated with that. On the one hand – and this might me the main disadvantage – that it is not a classical app which you can open from your home screen with one touch. It is “only” an app which can be opened in the Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer browser. You do not have to love it, but I think you can get used to it. It is also possible to bookmark the site in the browser and to link it with your home screen (at least with most of the smartphones). Then, you only need one touch to be in the app and you can immediately start gambling. After you have done that, there really are not many differences between a web app and a classical app.

If you cannot yet imagine what casino games look like on a Windows Phone, you should take one minute of your time and watch this video: