Indeed, I was completely enthusiastic about the idea of gambling in an online casino with my iPhone. But it didn’t take long until I got disillusioned as I noticed that casinos haven’t quite caught up with the trend yet. What I want to say: the first iPhone casinos were a mess! What most of the casinos did – without thinking about it too much – was quickly launching an app, that’s it. Either the quality sucked or it got rejected by the Apple Store due to real money gambling. It took a few years until they found an alternative which is nothing to sneeze at. I am talking about so called web apps which work with the Safari browser. The advantage is clear: you don’t need to enter the app store and download anything. All you need to do is open the page via a browser. Then, you can log in as usual and start.

However, meanwhile, there are casinos that are allowed to offer real money casino apps in the app store. One of them is the 888Casino, which is the most recommendable one here, due to its prevalence and reliability. Apple cannot just say : “Don’t bother us with that casino stuff!” but is willing to negotiate with the market leaders. 888 and Apple just make a good match and that’s why it actually is the only option you have as a casino gambler – at least if you want to have a native app you only have to install once and which you can open with one touch. Without any browser.

What you need to learn to like…

It is no secret: iPhone casino games are different than games on your PC. You just have to get used to that but to many people, that doesn’t come easy. On the contrary, if you really are a confirmed iPhone user, then you will not have problems getting used to it, you will even prefer iPhone casino games. I mean, it is a touchscreen without any keyboard or mouse. That is cool. I personally have even learned to like it. Lately, I even caught myself playing a game of Roulette with my iPhone in front of my PC!
But later, I realized what that really means. Indeed, if I am spoiled for choice, I prefer to gamble with my iPhone. So much for “being restrained and disadvantaged with your iPhone”.

What is different

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that gambling with your iPhone is a different gambling experience than on your PC or your tablet. Among other things, of course, you have to consider the smaller screen. It is not a bit smaller, but way smaller. As a designer or casino, you have to really think about which details you need and which details you should rather leave out. But I think that is good. I am a fan of minimalist designs and rather prefer a website like Dropbox instead of Amazon. That is why it does not bother me at all when there are many options missing with regard to the games and there is actually only what you really need to gamble. Nowadays, casinos are handling that pretty well but a few years ago, this was not always the case.

Apart from the display, the handling is of course different. But I will be honest with you: touchpads have meanwhile established that well that they are even offered on notebooks and not only with tablets or smartphones. So, who could say that they have disadvantages compared to mouse and keyboard. I personally prefer gambling in a casino with touch. I think that revitalizes the whole thing. In a real casino, you do not sit there either with a mouse and click on any cards or fields. No, you somehow touch them with your fingers. So, basically, a touchscreen is more similar to a real casino than your mouse and keyboard.