I have to admit that I am maybe not completely objective because I simply love most of the Apple products. At least the products which were developed at the time of Steve Jobs. The same applies to the iPad, I would always prefer it compared to the Android tablet. And I think you cannot reproach me that I am saying this because I am an Apple fan boy. Indeed, Android has a better market position on the smartphone market, but as far as tablets are concerned, it is even much clearer who wears the trousers. The handling of the iPad is simply brilliant and everything works seamlessly. Sure, the system is not as open as it is with Android and I do not have any SD slots or USB ports. I have to do everything via iTunes, but in return, I can be sure that I do not download any malware on my tablet. Especially when we are talking about online casinos you have to be cautious, always. With your iPad, you cannot do anything wrong here, if you trust the apps that are offered in your app store.

I am not saying that you necessarily should do that, because if you do it, you have to be aware of the fact that the choice of casinos and games will be very very limited. At least if you want to gamble with real money (and that is what you are here for, right?). For me, there is a clear winner here – the 888Casino. It is anyhow the most famous casino worldwide which has a lot to offer and which is reputable and reliable. As a market leader, it is not that difficult for 888Casino to make deals with huge companies like Apple. That is why it is one of the very few online casinos which is really available in the app store with its real money casino app. I will not beat around the bush:
I would gamble there!

The alternatives

Basically, you have to consider the fact that not every casino is able to develop its own iPad app. On the contrary, you could also ask yourself if the casino is famous enough and therefore if it is recommendable to gamble there. I would tend to prefer casinos that make an effort to develop an own app, but I would not advise you against choosing a casino which does not attach great importance to this matter. Because there are a handful of good providers which you would not consider then.

These are the casinos, which do not really “show off” with a native app but only offer a web app. That is an app which only works with a browser and does not need to be downloaded via the app store. This makes a lot of things easier although the functions are not as perfect as with an ordinary app. But this always depends on the fact how well the app was developed in the end.
By the way, Microgaming has one of the best casino web apps. This is the most important software developer for online casinos. And here, you quickly realize, that they have dealt with your mobile gambling pleasure, too, from the very beginning. The results are really impressive.

The future?

Did you actually know that the iPad is older than the iPhone? Of course, not with regard to the market launch but with regard to the point when they started developing it. The developers have been working way longer on a tablet which works with a touchscreen. It was rather a coincidence. As they were developing the iPhone, they realized that they could also take the touchscreen for the iPhone, too. And this was a real jackpot for Apple. Because now, they were able to do without these annoying “pens” and the keyboard as it was the case with Blackberry, for example. Both of these aspects were extremely important for the success of the iPhone.

Funnily, the idea to make a tablet PC was actually of Microsoft, the company that has kind of missed every single trend over the last 20 years, and which would not even exist anymore without Windows. Concerning MP3 players, they had no chance against the iPod, concerning smartphones they did not have a chance before buying Nokia 7 (!) years after the launch of the iPhone, and concerning tablet PCs? Well, there is Windows 8 – people hate it – which works on some tablets but still, it has no chance against Android. The iPad just stays number one in this context and this will remain in the near future.

The question you should rather ask yourself is clear: Does it pay off for you when you change from your PC to a tablet when it comes to real money casino games? For me personally, it was quite an effort, you have to understand , I was so familiar with PCs and I was so used to click on my cards and buttons with my mouse. And now, do everything with my finger and trust that small screen? Doesn’t sound like a good plan, but it actually is. I can only tell you about my own and some of my acquaintances’ and friends’ experiences. But changing from real money casino games on my PC to real money casino games on my iPad has meanwhile paid off, even more, actually. For me it has become a better gambling experience with better mobility. Because thanks to your iPad you can really gamble everywhere. On your couch, on your terrace, on the toilet, in your bed, wherever…