With Android, you simply cannot do anything wrong. Android is without any doubt the market leader and will lead the market for smartphones and tablets in the long run. There should not be two opinions about that. Although Apple has been a leader with regard to smartphones for a long time with its iPhone and still has the most sales of tablets with their iPad, Android will be the winner at the end. The advantages are just too obvious. Long story short: You can be happy that you have chosen Android and now, let’s get down to business! Go find an online casino where you can gamble with real money. With your Android smartphone or tablet, of course!

It is not as easy as it sounds though. You might think that Android, as a market leader, is at the top of the list of the casinos. Sure, today that is the case, but 2 years ago, things were completely different. 2 years ago, the iPhone and the iPad were a lot more popular. And as you know, online casinos are usually not that progressive. First, they had been developing their apps for apple devices over years and then, this search engine operator appears out of nowhere with his android operating system and turns everything topsy-turvy! Sure, you first have to digest that and admit that Android has meanwhile become number one.

And this is the reason why not every online casino has an Android app. There is even another problem which you might know as well:
There are a lot of Android versions and for developers, it is very expensive to adapt the apps to the respective versions. Then, there are other brands like Samsung and HTC with even larger screens and of course, they want the apps to be adapted approptriately. It is just not that simple as with the iPhone and that is why as an Android user, you may not put very high requirements.

However, you have a clear advantage and that is the fact that the system is open. This makes it a lot easier for online casinos to distribute the apps and then, you can directly download them from the casino websites onto your smartphone.