Since 2007, when Apple launched the iPhone, a lot has happened. The entire market has been turned on its head and the casino branch has only made a minor contribution to that. Yeah, it is true that the casinos had to adapt to the new situation and still have to, but that has taken a long long time. Just after the launch of the iPhone, nobody would have thought that people will seriously gamble with real money in the future with the iPhone in an online casino. “The Internet connection is not good enough, the display too small, the touchpad not appropriate, the processor too weak, it is hard to make a deposit” etc. These were all excuses that casino managers, too, brought up. You can compare it to the IBM manager’s statement as he claimed back in the days that the demand for PCs was 5, worldwide… that shows how wrong you can be. But funnily, we gamblers weren’t the fastest ones to notice either. I personally have always been forward-looking and I can get enthusiastic about new technologies. But everybody sees that quite differently. Many casino gamblers have really wondered what all of this was good for and why you would gamble with anything other than a PC. The following trend underlines that clearly:

Indeed, whether it was after the launch of the iPhone or later of Android and the iPad, there was always a small increase of the number of “mobile gamblers”, but only in 2012, it has climaxed. So, 5 years after the first iPhone, the word got around that you can gamble on your mobile device, too, which has its advantages, no doubt.

I am not saying that I only gamble with my iPhone. I am probably not on the road too much at the moment or not bored enough when I am not at home. But it’s just fucking awesome if you realize which opportunities you actually have nowadays.

Who are mobile casino games made for?

In general, I would say for every casino gambler. OK, if it is only five minutes by car from your home to your workplace, you stay there the whole day and you just can relax after work in front of your PC in order to gamble in an online casino, then you probably do not need mobile casino games. But then, I have another advice for you: Just try gambling with a tablet. I actually do not gamble with my PC anymore at all, but most of the time, comfortably sitting on the couch or on my terrace with my iPad. There is just nothing more awesome! But with your tablet, especially with your iPad, there are major differences which is the reason why you should inform yourself in this matter.

But those who benefit the most from these new technologies are people being on the road a lot and immediately falling into bed after arriving at home. They are on the move the whole day and now and then, they have a lot of time to care about the important things in between– that is gambling in casinos. Smartphones such as the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One etc. are the most suitable ones for this purpose. They have a big screen, they are fast and user friendly. You cannot say that about all smartphones nowadays.

However, it is not the case that you have the choice. You can neither always choose the casino nor the game. Sure, if you want to play Roulette, you will be able to do so in every mobile casino, but if you want to play Super High Roller Racetrack Power Mega Roulette, things are getting more difficult. Such niche games are not yet realistic on your smartphone up to now and you can only find them on your PC.

Not everything is perfect…

Yeah, you have to lower your sights sometimes. We have just mentioned one disadvantage, that currently, we probably cannot play games like Super High Roller Racetrack Power Mega Roulette on our smartphone. The reason for that is firstly, that the Internet connection is limited and you have to assume that people are not connected with their Wi-Fi but maybe in a cafe or with 3G. In these two cases, you simply do not have the freedom you would like to have and you cannot download any game you want and start playing immediately on demand. That is why you first have to make sure that the games are not too extensive and secondly, that one app cannot include every single game. In addition, the hard drive of your PC which might be 500 Gigabytes or more will be smaller with every smartphone. Sure, meanwhile, there are already 64 Gigabyte hard drives for smartphones and in the future, this trend will probably increase even more. But it happens faster than you think that your hard drive is full, and as a casino, you also have to care about the ones who only have 4 Gigabytes and whose storage is full faster than the other ones’.

Apart from that, I personally like the handling of the touchpad much more than with a mouse and keyboard. At least, if the casino has found a good solution, but that is mostly the case.

The screen size is another tricky thing. Sure, Multiplayer Blackjack with 6 gamblers gets difficult, but simple Blackjack is no big deal! The same applies to Roulette or Hold’em. Slots and Video Poker are tailor-made for smaller screens anyways and especially the touch handling. I personally do not know a single person who has complained about that.