Online casino games are getting more and more popular and the variety of the games is growing accordingly. While, back in the days, you only had to choose between a few card games and slot machines, things are completely different today. You do not only have hundreds of different slot machines and card games, but you even are able to enjoy the freedom of playing all these casino games at home. You do not have to go to a casino far away from your home anymore in order to spend a cool night there. On your computer, you can enjoy the wide world of casino games and cash up. Since you can easily get lost in this “casino jungle”, we now introduce you to the 7 best games. Let’s go:

  1. Roulette might be one of the most popular games in a casino. There are various types (European Roulette, American Roulette) which differ a bit from each other, but which do all offer great entertainment. Rien ne va plus, no more bets, please! The Roulette wheel spins, the tension increases and the ball stops on one specific number. Have you hit the jackpot? A classic and an absolute must for every gambler.
  2. Poker is probably the game where you are most likely to constantly win money. Although you might need a bit of luck, too, you can surely minimize Lady Fortune’s influence here. But you definitely have to spend time on this game, learn strategies, be patient and much more. But those of you who have got enough time, should really try this out.
  3. Blackjack is one of the most popular card games. Here, you play directly against the casino and you literally have all the cards in your hand. In this context, there are strategies in order to win, too, but -speaking of Lady Fortune – her influence is a lot bigger here, compared to Poker. However, with mathematical skills and a good memory, you can go far here.
  4. Book of Ra is a classic slot game and has inspired many other games, too. The concept of this game is very simple and the handling is easy to understand for beginners as well.
  5. Tequila Poker is another kind of Poker which completely excludes the strategic aspect and fully concentrates on luck. So, those of you who want to play Poker but do not have time to spend a lot of time on learning it, should try Tequila Poker and fully rely on Lady Fortune. This kind of Poker will definitely not disappoint you with regard to its entertainment factor.
  6. Baccara is another card game which is widely popular. It is played with 6 packs of French playing cards, that means 312 hands. The goal? To get 9 points with 2 or 3 cards! Sounds too easy? Sure, there are a few rules you have to consider and also the respective value of every single card is important, but as soon as you have become more familiar with everything, Baccara is super fun.
  7. Craps is the best dice game you will find in online casinos. Especially in the USA, Craps, also known as Seven Eleven, is super popular. The rules are quite simple once you have understood them. In the beginning, it might be a bit confusing, but it definitely pays off to immerse yourself in this dice game. More fun with two dice? Impossible.

You should try all of these 7 games. Then, if your mind has not been blown yet, literally, it is up to you to choose a game and cash up. You do not have to bet real money from the very beginning in order to have fun. But if you really want to hit the jackpot, you should think about depositing money. And do not forget that a good online casino will offer you a bonus for depositing money. The 888Casino, for example, gives you a bonus of 88 Euros, and you do not even have to deposit any money. So, you can start your casino adventure and soon, you can be one of the many winners.