I will be honest with you: the online casino industry is a bit strange. To me, strange means that it is hard to describe somehow. There is something that is a bit bizarre and contradictory. But actually it is the greatest trivial pursuit in the world. And there is nothing easier than running an online casino. Nevertheless, as a casino owner, you have to deal with gamblers who fancy themselves and threaten you with a global complaint when they do not get their 5 euro bonus immediately. On the other hand, as a gambler, you also have to deal with casinos which do not take you seriously and sometimes do what they want. But of course, they are the ones who have the money and hold the whip hand. When the going gets rough everybody draws the short straw. That is why this branch needs especially one thing: reliability! Indeed, it facilitates everything and provides all parties concerned with more certainty. Just imagine what it would be like to be able to fully rely on an online casino. If you could put your shirt on the casino, that it does not mess with you and that it is always fair with you… At the same time, imagine if they could just fully rely on you… that you do not try to betray them when it comes to your bonus, that you contact them instantly as soon as they made a mistake which was in your favour and so on. Wouldn’t this actually be a really cool thing?

And yeah, it is achievable, although it might not sound that simple. Of course, you have to make the first step yourself. For example, I personally have always tried to get an immediate contact partner and add him on skype. This really works if you are a nice person and if you choose the right casino. The advantage of such a contact partner is that you can always contact him if something went wrong or if you need any help. Respectively, he can contact you as well in case he has a special offer for you. This makes everything a lot easier for everybody. But it all starts with the following question:

Which casino should I choose?

This is certainly the most difficult part and I can tell you why. There are only few casinos which act seriously and stand by their promise, do not change the rules and conditions afterwards or pay you immediately, without that you have to prompt them again and again. Unfortunately, there are far too few of this type. And the most difficult part about it is to find these casinos. But for that matter, there are nice people like me who help you 😉

Similarly hard to find is the casino that suits you with regard to all the other criteria. That means the games themselves, their quality, the supply, specific features like jackpots, payments, etc. Then, aspects such as customer service, bonus offers, software, and supported platforms etc. You could actually write an entire book about that. And especially new technologies such as smartphones and tablets make it even more complicated. Just imagine you have found the perfect casino for you, you like to play with your smartphone but that is not supported adequately. And no, this does not sound unrealistic, it is sad reality. Many new operating systems and devices really are not supported by some online casinos yet.

But don’t worry. On Gamblors.co you will really find everything you need to know and I am sure, that even if you are completely new and inexperienced with regard to this subject, you will find the right casino for you.

And what else?

Apart from that, you will of course find a lot of other useful information in the casino section of Gamblors.co. For example, detailed descriptions about every single real money casino game. Moreover, I will tell you about the experiences I have already made with the respective casinos, what you should know about new operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile etc. and much more.