The iPhone is still what it used to be, even though Android is meanwhile leading the market and there are more and more devices running with this operating system. As a matter of fact, the iPhone is easier to handle, the apps do meet high requirements and the device itself is constantly updated every year. In 2014 as well, the time has come and the iPhone 6 has been launched – this time even with two different screen sizes. Yeah, the good times for the iPhone are not over yet and as an iPhone user, you can be sure that -with regard to trading binary options- you will be provided with the best opportunities.

Indeed, the brokers for binary options do of course know that the iPhone is widely popular and it would not be a smart move if they did not offer their apps for this device, too. A broker that is only offering Android is really rare. That is why you will not have any problem to find a good broker which does not only offer an iPhone app but also constantly improves it.

The choice you have is accordingly great and the good brokers usually do not differ by much. That means that it is especially a matter of taste which app is the better one. I can only say that I still like the apps of 24Option best and I can tell you why. 24Option has achieved to develop its platform for mobile use from the very beginning. You can see that the way the broker handles the traffic of mobile devices. Just quickly go to with your iPhone. The first thing you should notice is that the website does not look like on your PC. The reason for that is that 24Option recognizes that you are visiting their website with your iPhone and as a consequence, immediately displays you a website which was optimized for this purpose. Not the “normal” layout. Cool, right?

But sure, this is not the most important thing. But it still shows if a broker is being serious with iPhone and co. or if it just develops any old app and that’s it. With regard to the apps of good brokers however, there are only minor differences. Some may prefer blue/white others black/gold. Some prefer to have less functions and a “clean” design, others instead want to make use of as many functions as possible and do not attach great importance to a simple handling.

What do I need to consider?

Once you have chosen a broker and the app runs, everything is super easy actually. But in case you do not have a lot of experience with regard to mobile trading yet, you should of course know that when you are on the run, you always have to face the risk of being without Internet connection. Sure, the broker has to guarantee that you do not lose any money in that case but, of course, it cannot read your mind. If you want to make a trade but you lose the connection and therefore, you cannot make the trade then, that is just bad luck. It is neither the fault of the broker, nor of the app nor is it your fault. So you should be aware of the fact that the “opportunity costs” are a lot higher when trading with your mobile phone than when trading with a stable Internet connection.