With Android, you have all the opportunities you can imagine when it comes to mobile trading. And binary options are just tailor-made for that! You neither need a very fast PC, nor a huge screen. Binary options are standardized and simplified in that way that all of this is not necessary. However, there are a few things you need to consider that are special with Android. Here, you will get to know which ones:

Not all apps are the same

On the one hand, there are classical (native) apps which you have to download and install. Everybody of you has enough (or too many?) of them on your smartphone or tablet. Then, there also are so called web apps, that means apps which run directly in your browser and where you do not need to install anything.

First, that sounds better or at least less complicated. And they really are. However, it is also evident that such a native app can of course be more comfortable. At least, after you have installed the app, you only have to start it with one touch and not browse for a long time.

I personally think that it is only a matter of taste. For those of you who change your broker daily, a web app is for sure better since you do not need to take the installing process. But in case you have a broker where you have been trading for a long time now or if you want to choose one to trade at on the long run, it is the best to install the app once and that’s it.

Differences amongst brokers

Then, of course, you need to consider that the brokers and their platforms strongly differ from each other. That is also the case with web platforms for your PC and of course, it is the same when it comes to mobile trading. Many brokers have completely missed the trend and some of them even think that -still today- people do not trade with their mobile phones. But meanwhile, actually half of the traders trade on their mobile phone! Two years ago, you would have never thought that this could be possible.

But the result is that many brokers and platforms did not follow this trend and have not even cared about that for a long time at all. But of course, there are exceptions and these are the brokers which now play a more and more important role. Brokers which have realized early how important smarthphones and tablets will become in the future. These are now the ones which have a great advantage compared to their competition.

The best brokers and platforms for Android

I personally think that 24Option and OptionFair have the most complete offer of mobile apps for binary options. Both use the same software, they actually only differ by their bonuses and with regard to the colours of their website. 24Option is especially into black and gold what not everybody may like. OptionFair instead, is more into rather decent, pleasant and light colours. It is just a matter of taste. I personally think that both brokers are simply awesome when it comes to mobile trading and you just notice that wherever you look on the website that they have made a great effort in order to create and constantly improve their platforms.