Sorry if I am a bit too enthusiastic here but trading binary options with your mobile phone is pretty much the most awesome thing on the market right now! And I have tried out a lot of things and have been a part of this branch for years now. But there is really not much more awesome than trading with your mobile phone. If you can get enthusiastic about binary options and you are no fool with regard to technology you will see it the same way as I do. For me, it is the case that I always traded if the market “urged” me and that is the reason why I have made a lot of money over the past two years. Thanks to the fact that you do not have to sit in front of your desk the whole day anymore but you can trade anyplace and anytime, you are always up to date and ready for takeoff! One touch is enough and so many opportunities lie at your feet. Lately, while sitting in a Starbucks, I noticed that the Ukraine crisis has aggravated and I reacted immediately: took out my iPhone, opened the 24Option app, placed my 15 minute option DAX low with 100 Euros and the coffee and chocolate cookie was kind of for free 😉

Sure, this will not work every time and you will not either be able to always hear or read the most important news and to react immediately. But if that is the case, you are immediately ready for trading with your smartphone, except if you are on a mountain or on the high sea and you really do not have any internet connection. Then of course, things are getting a bit more complicated. But this is only rarely the case. Usually, you are at a place where you at least have a sufficiently strong edge connection. It does not necessarily always have to be 3G or LTE in order to trade successfully with binary options. But yeah, things are easier with a good connection.

Which opportunities do you actually have?

Basically, there are two ways of trading with your mobile phone:

  • web apps in your browser
  • native apps from the broker itself

Web apps are actually nothing else than mobile websites that are optimized for smaller screens and touch displays. Here, you do not have to download or install any app since you do not leave the browser, not even for a second. It is actually the same as with all browser-based games or web traders. Actually the same as with 99 % of the binary options platforms, that means only in the browser and without downloading anything. And then, you just need to imagine that you only trade with your smartphone or tablet.

Concerning native apps: they are real apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. You install them and you can open them from your home screen. And that works anytime, without having to choose a website with your browser. Well, of course these apps are more comfortable. The disadvantage though is that not every broker offers one yet. Sure, the “big” brokers have quickly started developing them and for me personally, it has become a criterion for exclusion to have an app, indeed for iPhone, Android and iPad. I like changing sometimes between Android tablet and iPad and normally, if I am on the road, I have the iPhone with me. This is why I need all three and I think this should be calculated in the budget of every broker to be able to offer all three apps.

Choosing your broker

As I said, for me, the matter of the apps is a criterion for exclusion, so, I will not choose any broker that does not offer the apps mentioned before. As well as brokers which are not serious, of course. Yeah, there are some! I would rather say that there are a lot of them and I would even say the number of serious brokers is smaller than the number of nonserious brokers. I am not saying that most of them cheat on you but just that I personally would not give my money to them. However, there are also a few brokers which I would trust blindly. In this respect, it is not the platform that matters because most of them do not even differ that much from each other. What matters is how traders are treated. You mostly notice that after signing up before you even deposit any money. But at the latest, you notice that after dealing with the customer support for the first time. This is where the wheat separates from the chaff. It is often the case that they do not really care about you at all. What I like to do is just talking to the support sometimes and checking the overall situation after I have signed up. If they really care about you although you tell them you only want to trade with 50 Euros (sure, the VIP traders with a depot of 10 k or more will be treated like kings), then you should really consider including this broker in your final choice.

The different devices nowadays – Stone the crows!

No doubt, in 2007, the iPhone got everything started. At that time, I thought: what could I need this thing for? To me, it was rather a status symbol which I actually do not really care about.
Meanwhile, I could not do without it anymore. Sure, there are a few people favouring Android and sure, the choice you have there is greater. Those of you who want a smartphone with a better camera, bigger screen or whatever, will be happy with Android. No matter what you are into, iPhone and Android do have one thing in common: Both have been leading the market for long enough so that brokers have intensively dealt with developing appropriate apps. Even though Android is predominating 75 % of the market meanwhile, it is interesting to see that not all brokers are completely compatible with Android yet. But the reason for that is simply that Android has not been leading the market for a super long time since its increase happened to be very fast.

Conclusion: no matter if you are into iPhone or Android – you will not have any problem to find the right broker with a good app. Even though at the moment (2014), Android cannot quite keep up with the iPhone, things will be completely different in one or two years.

And what about Windows Phone, Blackberry etc.?

Well, all I can say about that is that you either have to familiarize yourself with web apps (see above) or that you have to buy another smartphone. Or you just do without trading binary options with your mobile phone, but if you ask me that is absolutely out of the question 😉