Solid as a rock might sound really stupid speaking of a broker for binary options, but somehow, this is really taking the biscuit. 24Option is indeed one of the few brokers where I really do have a good feeling. Where not only the figures speak for themselves but where you just feel secure and at home, sort of. I really have to admit that I did not have the same impression with any other broker so far. Seriously. The best example was iOption. I was recommended so many times that I absolutely needed to trade there, for so many different reasons. But somehow, I never really felt comfortable with this provider and I always had the impression that things were not going right there. And it did not take too long either until iOption went broke. Or the owners did a runner with all the money or whatever. It does not matter anymore. But it is a fact that I have a good nose for things like that and I am pretty sure about that 😀

That is why I can really recommend 24Option without any limitations. And this is not the only reason: it is just a broker which is not only convincing on paper. The overall package is just absolutely right and everybody who is able to familiarize themselves with the black-golden design of the website, should absolutely take a closer look at this broker. Here, a first impression:

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I have to admit that at the beginning, I personally did not like this design at all. But it did not even take ten minutes until I got used to it. What I used from the very beginning, is the live chat which you can see in the bottom right corner. No matter which section of the website you are at, this nice lady always smiles at you. Sure, I doubt that the ladies who really are at the other end of the line look the same, but whatever.

This does not only mean that 24Option has a live chat but above all, that the customer is really important. And you somehow really notice that, from the moment when you first sign up until the moment when you get your payout. I have never had the impression that they try to cheat me out of my money. I have already used a lot of bonuses and deposited and paid out money several times. Partially, even pretty high winnings and I have never had any problems with regard to the payout. This encourages me even more that at 24Option, they do things the right way and that you can still trade there in the future, without any problems.

Short experience

So that you get a better impression of this broker, I thought it would be the best if I share my experiences of the last days with you:

It was this price trend I was most interested in and which encouraged me to trade:

[graphic link]

I think you can see the pattern pretty well. I started when the last upward trend took place, that means before the last crash. This is what binary options are really good for, when you can predict relatively well when the prices start falling or suddenly rising (breakout). In this case, the prices fell as you can see but of course, I did not know that at this time.

The question was simply when the prices would clearly rise or fall. I pretty much figured out the trend. It was now up to the DAX to either rise or fall within a short period of time. As the trend went exactly in the direction I thought, I started placing 60 second options. I like them a lot because it is very similar to flipping a coin. Either you are right and get your 85 % return or not.

I started with very small amounts, in this case with 20 Euros. I still had about 1000 Euros on my account at this time, since there still were a few winnings from the last time I traded. Anyways, I rather expected a crash which was only a matter of time. So I decided to choose the “Low option” and I watched the price stagnating. No crash but no price rise either. However, the option did not expire in the money. 20 Euros gone. Then, once more, the same with 40 Euros. After choosing this option, the price started increasing immediately and gave the impression as if he never wanted to fall again. But soon, things changed and the price crashed completely. At this time, all indicators were showing that there would be a trend reversal soon. That is the reason why I was not disappointed that this option still did not expire in the money. I was convinced that the next option would expire in the money.

This is why I then placed 100 Euros on “Low”. And this time, it was so evident that I placed another option of 100 Euros and 30 seconds later another one of 100 Euros on “Low”. The price kind of crashed so that all three options expired in the money. 2 options out of the money, 3 options in the money. But what I am actually interested in are the 3 “big ones” of 100 Euros each, because that is the return I want! I continued placing more options until one option was out of the money. That means I reduce the risk again and try to make profit as long as possible with the downward trend. The expiration times now changed from 60 seconds to 15 minutes, this is a lot more secure. Apart from that, I do not only place money on the DAX but also on shares which strongly correlate to the DAX. By doing so, I keep reducing my risk even more.

All in all, there is a plus of 750 Euros until the last option did not expire in the money and I ended my little game. The conclusion is the following: You should absolutely not use any old simple strategy like Martingale without thinking about it. Because this would mean “double your bet when the option is not in the money”. You cannot be successful then in the long run. In this case though, this is a good decision because you can predict pretty well in which direction the trend will change. You kind of try it out, get to know and understand it a bit and take home the great advantage.

All of this is possible with 24Option without any limitations and this is why I just love this broker!