gamblor_thumbs_upIf you are looking for a way of how to make a return of 85% within 60 seconds at the finance markets, you are in good hands with binary options. You will probably think “What? How can that be possible?” and this question really is legitimate. You just have to get rid of the image that all the other investments convey. The interest rate of 1.5 % that you get with your call money account or a return of 6 % that you get with your share portfolios – annually, should be noticed! Binary options instead, offer a much higher return within a very short period of time.

How is that possible? It is simple! You just place a bet with a broker. You can bet 100 Euros on the fact that the DAX will have increased in ten minutes, and if you are right, you will get 185 Euros back. If not, the 100 Euros are gone. And that is the crux of the matter – you can lose your bet. That is not the case with your call money account. Of course, your shares can decrease in value, but for sure not 100 % within ten minutes. With binary options, that can be the case and that is why binary options are an investment for gamblers!

How reliable are binary options?

Just have a look at the following video and then, I have got a question for you:

OK, I really hope that you have watched the video and that it was not too boring. My question is the following: If you watch such a video, can you then really have the impression that binary options are a reliable investment? I personally can’t, there is no way.
And somehow, it always hurts me if I watch videos like this one. However, the following is correct:

  • normal investments, such as shares or fixed deposit accounts, do not have a good return at the moment
  • binary options offer very high returns
  • even children could handle binary options, that is how simple they are

What is not correct, is the thing about earning money. Yeah, the trade is really easy, but that does not mean at all that it is easy to make profit out of it in the long run. Quite the contrary – it is absolutely hard and way easier with shares or CFD trading. You always have to be aware of the fact that the risk is extremely high with binary options. You somehow have to compensate that with a high return. And that is what people often tend to forget. Sure, 85 % are better than 8 % but just compare the risk of an SAP share with the risk of a 60 second option. With a 60 second option, actually anything can happen. You could actually also flip a coin because you have so little time to plan. Even with short term indicators, it is hardly possible to get a reliable prediction. And then, it is more similar to a game of pure chance than to an investment. You simply cannot compare that.

About brokers

gamblor_angryThen, there is a thing you simply need to know but which you cannot understand as a beginner. For beginners, there is an incredibly great variety of brokers and sometimes, they are told that broker XY is the best one and then, they are told that broker Z is a lot better. Due to today’s information overload, it is impossible to not get confused.

The following thing is important for you: Yeah, there are unreliable brokers, too, where I would not even deposit a penny. And yeah, there are very reliable platforms where everything is handled correctly and which you can rely on as you can with your bank. And the problem here is that the most famous brokers are not necessarily the most reliable ones. This is a real problem, but the time will come when this problem will automatically be solved as soon as the market has consolidated.
I mean when the black sheep are gone and the good brokers predominate. But now the good news:
I have been part of this branch for a very long time now and I have experienced anything you could imagine. I know which brokers you can actually rely on and this is why I want to give you the overview you need on